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Survival Tips While Travelling On A Tight Budget:

A lot of young professionals or so called millenials have developed the passion for travelling and live by the saying “vacation is life”.  Traveling to different local and international places and the memories that comes along with it are some the things that you will always cherish for the rest of your life as compared to buying expensive things and gadgets. It would be a nice feeling if you could share a lot of amazing and unforgettable stories of your journey to your family and friends. So travel while you are still young and able and don’t miss out on the best things that life has to offer.   

A lot of us are working extra hard just to be able to fund our travel goals and be able to visit the places that we have been dreaming of going to and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact travelling is very much encouraged because it gives a person a sense of pride and accomplishment that no one can ever take away from him.  

However as much as we would like to travel all the time we have to admit that this hobby is quite expensive to begin with. So in this article we will be giving simple tips on how to travel without spending too much money.  

A significant part of the budget is being allocated to fare and hotel accommodation.. You may want to check out for more affordable options by visiting condo for rent pattaya and see if they can offer you rates that are within your budget. Getting promo rates on airfare or advanced booking will usually get you a 10 to 20% discount. Another friendly tip is to pack lightly and only bring stuff that’s necessary so you won’t pay for excess baggage. 

If you are travelling with a large group or you are with friends you may want to check out some long term rental phuket for more affordable accommodations. There are also places where you could stay that allows you to cook your own food. So instead of eating out you might as well bring some groceries and cook your own food. Surely, your friends would be able to make the most out of their pocket money.  

Make sure to split all of your expenses equally so you would be able to stretch your budget which works as an advantage to everyone in the group. Your group should also be open to the idea of commuting or taking public transport in order to save more money. 

How To Survive A One-man Travel Journey?

An adventurer’s life is filled with excitement and hype; he goes around the world looking at the beauties like they are his home. Are you interested in taking the path of travelling in life? Then you will surely be very much happy being in many places around the world and having fun experiencing cultures, discoveries and more people. If you intend to make a one-man travel journey then you should have a plan to survive in the new place. Many travelers often use travel guides and other assists to go and see the world, but if you wish to travel around alone and explore by yourself then you can do so, but you should first make arrangements for you to settle and then start taking the walk of travel in the foreign lands. 

Travelling alone means you can have an expense of your own and enjoy it to its fullest, but that doesn’t mean you can spend extravagant on places that only provide less for you in the travel. you can stay at hotels and have a luxury stay but hotels are not the very best suitable place for you to stay when you wish to explore the lands for months, you need to survive alone and meet new people to enjoy some company and that can be done in many other places than a boring hotel room. While travelling you meet new people and it’s another opportunity to be social and be a stranger in the land, it is a part of the travel that you choose to be in. you can meet people when you find a suitable place to stay while travelling, there are millions of travelers around the world exploring and looking for more fun things to do and you too can find that when you find the perfect place to stay and meet new people to discover more about the world.    

Find a comfortable place to stay 

When hotels are too expensive for your travel journey, then there are many other places you can choose, from apartments to finding the best party hostel in Bangkok you can choose a comfortable place for you to stay which is cheaper in comparison to hotels and have your travel stories started in the foreign lands. 

Get services and facilities that will satisfy your stay 

When travelling you can find a stay that is best fit for you in many cities, if you are looking for a manila hostel then you can look for the best that is available and plan your stay as long as you want to. The services and facilities provided in such places are always satisfying and welcoming for a traveler. 

Travel with satisfaction and comfort 

When you choose the best in the country then you will get the best to travel with satisfaction and comfort.